How we’re improving our operations to reduce our carbon footprint.

Otrium reduced 0.457KG of CO2 emissions per shipment by using recycled paper envelopes.
Otrium saved 10,000 poly bags by piloting plastic free shipping.
Otrium removed 758.084 tons CO2 emissions by investing €50k in Ruumi’s regenerative agriculture.

A carbon footprint measures the amount of released into the atmosphere as a result of our actions – both individual and corporate. A carbon footprint is measured by tons of CO2 emissions. A smaller carbon footprint means a smaller impact on the environment and

Our ambition is to reduce our carbon footprint in line with the

We plan to reach this goal by:

  • 1

    Report our carbon footprint to reduce and keep track of our progress.

  • 2

    Reduce our footprint by making operational changes that lower emissions per session on our platform, items sold and employees.

  • 3

    Remove carbon by investing in carbon removal technologies for the carbon we can’t avoid or emitted in the past.

Our carbon footprint :

  • Tons CO2e
    in 2020
  • Tons CO2e
    in 2021

Our emissions increased for two reasons: company growth and adding more data points to our calculations. Now, with a more rigorous data set, we’re able to get a better understanding of our impact. We can prove that our two highest sources were couriers (last mile logistics) and packaging material.

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In 2022, we identified two opportunities to reduce our impact (by using the framework):

  • The amount of CO2e in kg, saved per shipment by using recycled paper envelopes instead of boxes to package orders.0.457
  • The number of poly bags saved by piloting plastic-free shipping (removing the plastic bags that protect individual items in a shipment).10K
  • The amount of tons of CO2e offset by purchasing removal credits through .758.084




Build a real-time carbon dashboard with Vaayu, our carbon tracking partner .

Set approved Science Based Targets to reduce our footprint.


Pilot courier options with a lower carbon footprint to reduce our last mile impact.

Introduce next generation made-to-measure packaging to minimise space during transport.


Remove our carbon footprint by investing in removal technologies for the year 2021.


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