Empowering consumers & fashion brands to make conscious choices.

181 fashion brands were rated by Good On You.
19% of fashion brands on Otrium were rated "Conscious" by Good On You.
16.5% of Otrium’s sales were driven by fashion brands rated "Conscious".

We want to use our platform to keep up with evolving sustainability standards in fashion. Otrium works with  to create a “conscious score” for the brands that are sold on the platform. This helps consumers understand a brand's sustainability impact.

There’s no perfectly sustainable item or fashion brand. We believe this industry transparency encourages brands to continuously improve their own standards, giving consumers more conscious shopping options.

Good On You ratings assess brands based on their impact on a five-point scale across animal welfare, people and the planet. 1 = We Avoid, 2 = Not Good Enough, 3 = It’s a Start, 4 = Good and 5 = Great.

For brands to be rated "Conscious" on Otrium, they have to have an overall rating of 3 = It’s a Start.

  • The percentage of fashion brands rated as “Conscious” by Good on You.19%
  • The number of fashion brands live on Otrium that are rated by Good On You.181
  • The percentage of revenue generated by fashion brands that are rated as “Conscious”.16.5%



By the end of 2023, all fashion brands on Otrium will be rated by Good On You.

Expand the “conscious” data points we show to consumers , for a more transparent view of a brand’s impact. 

Grow revenue generated by “conscious” rated brands to 25%.

Equip brand partners with Good Measures, recommendations from Good on You to improve their overall scores.


Amplifying impact in everything we do – from the inside out.