Amplifying impact in everything we do – from the inside out.

The O-Book
Code of Conduct
We launched our ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) framework.
We published our Employee Handbook.
Introduced a new way of working with business partners.

At Otrium, we want to ensure that our metrics of success aren’t limited solely to profit. We want to contribute to the economy, but with a societal and environmental impact. Sustainability is a shared objective.

Max Klijnstra, Otrium’s co-founder, explains: “We’ve structured the company to ensure impact is embedded in all decision-making. Ultimately, we want to drive systemic change that results in a net-positive impact”.

Launched ourreporting framework

We want to enable all stakeholders to benefit from and build towards Otrium’s impact  goals. 

As part of the reporting framework, we conducted to understand the issues to include in our reporting going forward. Having defined the issues working with stakeholders to determine the priorities we created an internal ESG committee to shape, steer and measure our progress. Our ESG reporting framework also prompted the launch of our Environmental Policy that identifies Otrium’s impact on the environment and outlines a framework for the environmental impact strategy.

Published our Employee Handbook

The Otrium Employee Handbook provides employees with guidance and information regarding , policies and procedures in a bid to create a healthy working environment.Topics include our whistleblowing scheme, employee anti-harassment and bullying manual and diversity and equal opportunity policy. 

Introduced our Code of Conduct

Launched in 2022, Otrium’s Code of Conduct is the new standard for how we want to move in the business world. It’s required for all new agreements with business partners – both in and out of the fashion industry. Our ethical standards and principles guide us daily.



Setting 2023 goals for all teams using the ESG framework.

Implement ESG metrics  as part of annual impact reporting.

Create an ESG dashboard to report on all metrics in 2024.


A new solution for a future without textile waste.